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Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Double Clip Brooch

Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Double Clip Brooch

Art Deco

A dynamic design based on two elements, the semicircle and the scrolling palmette. The two halves of this brooch are detachable from the frame and can be worn separately. The fluidity of this design moves away from the rather flattened, static geometry of the later Deco period and points towards the so-called Retro-style of the second half of the thirties. The unmistakeable, colour enhancing, fluorescent red glow within the rubies and their inclusions are diagnostic with those gems emanating from the infamous Mogok stone tract of Burma. Original presentation case of The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company of 112 Regent Street who later acquired and merged in 1952 with the then Crown jewellers, Garrard & Co. Date circa 1935.

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Dealer: Jan Havlik

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