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Georgian Horse Racing - Silver Fob Seal c. 1770

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Georgian Horse Racing - Silver Fob Seal c. 1770


*SOLD* This is an interesting and highly collectible Georgian silver fob seal, dating to c. 1770. The seal depicts equestrian subject, most likely an early representation of a jocky galloping to victory at the races. The lack of a hound running beside the horse, rules out a hunting scene. The horse depicted here is clearly racing across country at speed, with the addition of a small tree. You can really feel the power of the horse, its eyes bulging with the energy of the race, similar scenes are depicted contemporary Georgian art of the races (notably by George Stubbs and James Seymour). This seal bears a makers mark of WE (for William Ely) and a sterling silver standard mark of a lion, though has no date letter. William Ely worked in London and bore this mark in 1772. Similar shaped seals have been dated from 1730 - 1780, it is no later than 1780. --- OBJECT: Fob Seal --- CULTURE: British --- DATE: c. 1772 - 1773 AD --- MATERIAL: Silver --- SIZE: 24.2mm x 16.3mm x 14.1mm --- WEIGHT: 6 grams

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Dealer: Adam Murray

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