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Antique silver and mercury-gilt fede ring, c1600. The fede ring traditionally has the motif of two right hands, one female and the other male clasped together. The word "fede" derives from the Italian "mani in fede" meaning "hands in faith". "Fede" rings and "fede" cameos can be found in ancient Rome, and the tradition carried through the medieval and Renaissance periods, symbolizing, love or betrothal. The "southern" side of this ring has a flower.

P & R Szuhay, stand 302-303 Peter and Ritta Szuhay have been dealing from Grays Antique Market in Mayfair, London for 25 years. They specialise in antique silver including antique jewellery, antique and ancient works of art, antique cameos, curiosities, and various other antique silver pieces including seals. Their antique silver is renowned amongst collectors and dealers worldwide.