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Gold in Quartz

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Christopher Cavey & Associates

Stand 178|Tel: 020 7495 1743

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Christopher Cavey & Associates have been dealing in gems, minerals and antique jades since the 1970s. Starting out in Hatton Garden they opened in Bond Street Antique Centre in 1987 and moved to Grays in 1992. Author of Gems and Jewels, published by Studio Editions, Christopher Cavey has also been a gem consultant to the Guinness Book of Records. Christopher Cavey & Associates specialise in antique and collectors' gemstones, gem carvings and jade carvings, from archaic Nephrite to Imperial Jadeite. Christopher Cavey & Associates are specialists in untreated gems and fine gem crystal for all purposes. Taffeeite was first found in Sri Lanka in 1945 as a cut gemstone. Christopher Cavey & Associates sold the first crystal to the Natural History Museum in 1978.

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