Georg Jensen "Fusion" Ring

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Georg Jensen "Fusion" Ring



Making a graphic statement with the contrast between 18 karat yellow and white gold, this striking ring is in fact made from two separate pieces that join together perfectly. In itself, the ring can be a strong symbol of love but, when combined with other middle sections from the Fusion collection, can tell more stories about your life or your personality. Let your imagination run free!

Nina Koppel’s iconic Fusion collection for Georg Jensen allows the wearer to tell their own love story by combining the different elements of gold and diamonds in combinations that have a special meaning known only to themselves.

The ring is expertly crafted from 18 karat white and yellow gold. The Fusion rings consist of both end and centre rings that can be combined in infinite ways. This ring combination is created by two end rings - the precision of the design enables the perfect union of the two pieces to create your unique ring.

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item details
Origin European Other
Period 20th Century
Style Contemporary
Condition Good
Materials Gold
Ring Size T
Carat for Gold 18 K
Hallmark 750
Dimensions 12.5g weight

Product REF: 328