Chinese hexagonal bowl, 19th/20th century

Chinese hexagonal bowl, 19th/20th century - image 1
Chinese hexagonal bowl, 19th/20th century - image 2

Chinese hexagonal bowl, 19th/20th century



Chinese hexagonal bowl, 19th/20th century, with a flaring rim, decorated in overglaze enamels with a blue shaped band to the rim and circular cartouches to the six sides of the body, containing various patterns including peaches, a lotus and harlequin diamond; all between two single bands in iron red; the base with a square mark.


Diameter: 9.5cm. (3 3/4in.), height: 4cm. (1 9/16in.)

The combination of peach and lotus in this design is highly auspicious, and draws on both Daoist and Buddhist traditions. The peach is known as the fruit of the Daoist Immortals, who were said to feast on the peaches of immortality (pantao 蟠桃) that grow in the garden of Xiwangmu and ripen only once every few thousand years. When they do, the Immortals gather in a famous banquet to feast on the fruit, which will sustain them until the next season. Meanwhile, the lotus is a flower of great significance in the Buddhist tradition. It grows out of muddy earth yet remains pure, and so symbolises purity and spiritual enlightenment. The overall design, with peach and lotus combined, signifies a long life lived well.

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item details
Material and Technique Porcelain with overglaze enamel decoration
Origin Chinese
Dimensions Height: 4cm. (1 9/16in.)
Diameter 9.5cm. (3 3/4in.)

Product REF: W789