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Persian mirror case



Persian mirror case, 19th century, decorated to the front and back with a lavish interior scene showing two lovers embracing, and to the reverse, playing the setar and drinking; condition: wear to edges of case and lid, the lacquer flaked away in places, crackling (particularly on inside of cover). Mirror glass had been imported to Persia from Europe since the 1660s, and during the Qajar dynasty (1797 – 1924) lacquering became an increasingly popular technique for decorating mirror cases and other small objects such as book bindings and pen boxes, which were richly painted with scenes from popular romances or hunting parties before being varnished

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item details
Origin Middle Eastern
Period 19th Century
Condition Good
Dimensions height: 20.5cm. (8 1/8in.) diameter: 13.3cm (5 2/8in.) height of mirror: 15.5cm. (6 1/8in.) diameter of mirror: 9cm. (3 1/2in.)

Product REF: W137