Pair of Meissen saucers, c.1735

Pair of Meissen saucers, c.1735 - image 1
Pair of Meissen saucers, c.1735 - image 2

Pair of Meissen saucers, c.1735



Pair of Meissen saucers, c.1735, each decorated with a watery landscape scene within ornate Böttger lustre borders with scrollwork and plumes in iron-red and puce; one depicting two boatmen aboard a small boat with cargo coming into a harbour, with ships visible beyond the harbour wall; the other with boatmen conversing beside a makeshift camp at the water’s edge with a house and ships beyond; the rims with bands of gilt laub-und-bandelwerk, the bases with concentric lines in red and marked with underglaze blue crossed swords and gilder's mark 94 in gilt.

Diameter: 12cm. (4 3/4in.)

Condition: Good

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item details
Material and Technique Porcelain with overglaze enamel and gilt decoration
Origin German
Period 18th Century
Condition Excellent
Diameter Diameter: 12cm. (4 3/4in.)

Product REF: W712